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White Cop Investigates Black Teen For Mowing Lawns (Video)

White Cop Investigates Black Teen For Mowing Lawns (Video) Promo Image

A white police officer was filmed investigating a black teen handing out business cards for his lawn mowing business in Houston July 18 (video below).

Footage of the incident was posted to Facebook July 24, and went viral with over two million views by July 25.

The Free Thought Project notes that the officer in the video tells the teen, Marlin Gipson: "When I saw you, you were going from door to door."

Gipson shows the officer his business card: "I’m putting my business cards out."

"See, that's what I'm trying to find out," the cop replies.

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"That's all you had to ask," Gipson states. "You see me cutting grass."

The officer asks for Gipson's ID, who says he doesn't have it, so he starts asking Gipson's name and age as lawn mowers are heard in the background.

"I'm investigating what you're doing," the cop tells Gipson. "Whenever an officer asks you for your ID, you're supposed to provide your ID. You don't have your ID. I don’t care what you're doing."

Gipson asks the officer several times for his card, but the cop pulls out some handcuffs and tells Gipson to turn around and put his hands behind his back.

Gipson walks away from the officer, and tells him that he's filming.

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The officer engages in a conversation with another young black man.

Gipson asks the cop for his card again.

The video cuts to later in the day. The same officer appears outside Gipson's home, and says, "We need to get you identified."

The officer approaches the house, and says he just wants to talk, but Gipson closes the door.

The video ends with some still pictures of Gipson's injured arms.

More picture of injuries were tweeted by Gipson, along with a caption: "This what the police who suppose to serve and protect do to black ppl now ah days.... ps thts me."

The Harris County Constable’s Office said a police dog bit Gipson, who did not comply with police arrest orders. Gipson was charged with evading arrest, a failure to ID, and for an outstanding warrant related to a previous misdemeanor assault.

Back on the Beyond The Industry Facebook book page, commenters were outraged by the officer's actions:

Just a shame that if it were 2 white boys cutting grass and laying their business cards at the doorsteps of people's houses, they wouldn't have had any trouble... SMH.

I just hope that young man is ok.,it's horrible that you have to live in fear of the people we pay to protect us.

This is insane! People trying to work and they can't even do that ! Wow!

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