White Cop Aims Gun At Black People Who Film Him In Memphis (Video)


Corterian Bay Wright, who is black, uploaded a video (below) to Facebook on Sept. 29 which shows a white police officer aiming a rifle at Wright and other African-American bystanders in Memphis, Tennessee.

Wright added the caption: "This happened today in East Memphis Tn, they just took this post off Facebook so nobody could see it but ima keep posting it and y'all keep sharing it they locked my nephew up and was pointing the gun at me and his pregnant baby mother."

In the video, the officers appear to be arresting an unidentified man who is compliant with their orders.

At the same time, a police officer aims a gun at Wright and others who appear to be standing on the front porch of a house, notes The Free Thought Project.

The officer is asked why he has his gun aimed at the law-abiding citizens, to which he replies, "So we don’t get shot.”

The police officer then tells the bystanders to go back in the house, which they do and continue to film.

Moments later, the person filming tells the other officers that they still have a gun pointed at them.

The officer tells the witnesses to go back in the house and to go upstairs. They go back into the house but stay on the first floor. The officer keeps aiming his weapon at them, even after the suspect is placed in a police car.

It's not clear which law enforcement agency or agencies were part of the incident, and there have not been any comments by law enforcement.

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: Corterian Bay Wright/Facebook, The Free Thought Project / Photo credit: Corterian Bay Wright/Facebook Screenshot


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