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White Schoolgirls Attacked By Racist Black Gang On Bus

A gang of young black men and women reportedly attacked and racially abused four white 15-year-old Catholic schoolgirls on a New York bus on Nov. 22.

The schoolgirls were left scratched and bruised after the incident.

The group of four teenagers were heading home from school at St. Catharine's Academy in the Bronx in the middle of the afternoon when the violent incident and harassment took place on the BX8 bus, the Daily Mail reports.  

The schoolgirls' destination was Throggs Neck, a Bronx neighborhood located by the East River. 

The harassment began when a member of the gang of black male youths exclaimed: "Oh, white girl got money!"

The schoolgirls claimed one of the male harassers then said: "Oh, you go to St. Catharine's? What, do you have money? Go drink your coffee, white girl, and go shopping."

The men soon contacted a few of their girl friends, who later boarded the same bus, according to the New York Post. The uniformed tenth graders stated that once the girls met with the men on the bus, the attack commenced.

"All I remember is seeing the bus doors open and these girls have me by the ankles," one of the victims said. "One of the guys had me by my hair and punched me in the jaw."

Once the female driver of the bus realized what was happening, she stopped the transportation vehicle in the middle of the block.

The driver opened the bus doors, which enabled the gang to escape with one of the schoolgirl's backpacks. The school bag contained some cash and an iPad, said a victim identified only as LT by The New York Post. 

Scott Seskin, the attorney representing the schoolgirls, said the bus driver did not handle the situation competently enough. 

"I'm going to use whatever contacts I have to have this investigated as a hate crime because of the language that was used that started the whole thing off," Seskin said. 

Video footage filmed inside the bus at the time of the incident has yet to be released.

The New York Police Department is investigating the incident and attempting to identify the attackers.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Post / Photo credit: Richard Harbus via New York Post

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