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Suit Alleges White Boys Dragged Black Girl With Rope

A Waco, Texas, family launched a ;awsuit against a local private school alleging racially-motivated bullying.

The lawsuit alleges that KP, a black sixth grader, was injured on a school trip because a group of boys put a rope around her neck and “dragged” her, according to The Daily Beast.

The alleged incident occurred on a field trip in April.

Some of the children on the trip were playing on a swing with a pull rope. No adults saw the incident, but the suit alleges the rope was wrapped around the girl’s neck and before the boys dragged her to the ground.

The largely white privates school, Live Oak, took a different view in a statement to The Dallas Morning News, according to Clutch Magazine:

...The student received first aid treatment immediately after the accident by a parent chaperone, who is also a physician, and she was able to enjoy the remainder of the field trip, which lasted through the next day. Live Oak takes the safety of its students seriously and is saddened that one of its family suffered an unfortunate accident and injury.

The school’s statement also alleged the family’s attorney was trying to “exploit" the 100th anniversary "of the lynching of Jesse Washington in Waco” by suggesting a racial motive was involved, according to Breitbart.

The suit shows that the 12-year-old girl’s mother had previously expressed concerns about bullying.

Sandy Rougely, the victim's mother, wrote an email to principal Allison Buras alleging that her daughter had been pushed.

“This is not the first time this has happened,” the mother wrote, The Daily Beast reported. “During the the Tempest play rehearsal he was pushing and kicking her in the line that they were in.”

Buras responded by denying any malice.

“It sounds like he may have pushed on the back of her leg to make her leg buckle, which is something the kids sometimes do,” wrote Buras. “Rarely is that done out of meanness but more out of a desire for sport.”

Buras said another alleged incident involving the girl was “not meant in a mean spirit.”

Rougely was adamant the incident with the rope resulted from bullying.

“It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together,” Rougely told The Dallas Morning News.

Nobody has been charged with a criminal offense in the case.

Sources: The Daily Beast, Clutch Magazine, Breitbart / Photo credit: The Daily Beast

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