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Whistleblower Cop Exposes Corruption, Gets Fired (Video)

Laura Schook worked as a police officer in New Albany, Indiana, for 19 years, but was never promoted.

Earlier this year, Schook blew the whistle on what she claimed was corruption and discrimination in the New Albany Police Department.

"In reference to my supervisors padding their overtime, stealing time from the city, and also doing other jobs while they were at work, essentially being paid for two jobs at one time," Schook told WDRB in May (video below).

Schook claimed that she told New Albany Police Sherri Knight, who did nothing about it. Knight and Assistant Chief Greg Pennell resigned on May 20.

"Coincidental, yet corroborating at the same time," added Schook. "I mean, that's the way I would look at it. I believe it corroborates what I have said. There has to be some truth and some merit to what I said or they wouldn't be scrambling around like they are ... I've had incidents where I wasn't backed up properly. I know that I have been passed up for promotions."

Schook began proceedings with her lawyer to file a lawsuit against the city.

However, this week, Schook was fired by the New Albany Police Merit Commission, the same commission that she told about the corruption, for alleged improper conduct, reports

Schook has 10 days from the date of her firing to ask for a hearing, which would require the commission to vote again on the disciplinary action.

New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan said there was no evidence to support Schook’s claims.

Sources:, WDRB
Image Credit: WDRB Screenshot


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