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7-Year-Old Finds Bag Of Stolen Money In Trash Can (Video)

A 7-year-old boy in South Carolina stumbled upon a black garbage bag full of stolen cash in a gas station parking lot (video below).

Griffin Steel was on his way to Toys "R" Us with his father when they stopped off at a gas station to put air in the tires. Shortly after they arrived, Griffin spotted something unusual.

"I got thirsty so we went into the store," he told WBTW. "But before we went in I found this $20 bill and it had this red dye on it."

His father, Shane, took the bill inside and asked the cashier if she could confirm its authenticity.

"I asked the lady at the register, 'Can you use your pen and mark this and see if it's real?' And she said it's real," Shane recalled.

Back outside, Griffin walked over to the garbage can to throw something away. That's when he made the discovery.

"And I looked in the trash can and there was tons of money with red dye on it," he explained to WMBF.

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Shane said that at first he was confused when his son showed him the bag of cash.

"I was like, was this a bank robbery or was someone just dumb enough to put dye on their stuff and throw it out?" he said.

Sensing that the money had been stolen, Shane called police. The responding officers confirmed his suspicions: The cash was loot from a recent bank robbery.

The suspect, 35-year-old Brian Humphries Jr., is still at large. Humphries is believed to have robbed two separate banks, one on Jan. 23 and the other on Jan. 28.

"It was a surreal moment," Shane told WBTW. "That will probably never happen again in my lifetime, finding that much money."

He added that it never occurred to him to keep any of the cash.

"There was a lot of it that didn’t have the red on it but I wanted to do the right thing," he said.

Ultimately, Shane hopes his son learned something from the experience.

"The moral lesson for him [is] to do what’s right and that will be the best path and he feels great about what we did," he explained.

Sources: WMBF, WBTW, Break/YouTube / Photo credit: Ken Teegardin/Flickr, My Horry News via WMBF

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