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Man Sentenced To 25 Years After Crushing Child To Death To Relieve Stress

On Jan. 15, a California man was sentenced to 25 years to life is prison after reportedly crushing a child to death with his foot, according to a statement from the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office.

On Aug. 28, 2013, Daniel Ruiz was left in charge of1-year-old daughter, Scarlett, while his girlfriend and the child's mother were running errands, KTLA News reports. He walked towards the child, who was on the floor near the television.

“He then placed his left foot on her chest, applying most of his 230 pounds of weight on her body,” Kathleen DiDonato, a lead deputy district attorney who prosecuted the case, said in the statement, according to KTLA. “Scarlett began gasping for breath.”

A little while later, Ruiz noticed that the child was reportedly having a seizure.

“He tapped Scarlett on the cheek, trying to get her to snap out of it,” the DA’s office noted.

In a subsequent interview with Hesperia police, “the defendant admitted to purposely stepping on Scarlett due to stress and the fact that he felt the ladies were taking advantage of him,” the release said.

Ruiz said “he actually felt better after stepping on the victim,” DiDonato noted.

When the mother returned home, Ruiz told her that the baby was having a seizure. Since the mother could not reach 911, she picked up the child and ran to a nearby fire station.

Scarlett passed away while at the hospital.

Commenters on the KLTA Facebook page were saddened and disgusted at the news. Many wrote that they believe Ruiz deserves a harsher sentence.

“I trust no one with my kids.” Facebook user Elena Pardo wrote. “I can't even fathom how the mother must have felt coming back and swing her baby in that state”

Sources: KTLA News, KTLA 5 News/Facebook / Photo Credit: San Bernardino County DA's Office via KTLA News

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