Which State Swears More Than Any Other?


Citizens in Ohio are more likely to curse than citizens in any other state, according to a new study of phone recordings.

Conducted by mobile technology company the Marchex Institute, the study surveyed 600,000 phone calls, mostly to businesses – the kind where you call customer service and they warn that your call may be recorded.

Marchex found the five states where callers are most likely to curse are Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois.

The study showed an Ohioan said a four-letter word every 150 conversations.

Calls containing the most cursing were more than 10 minutes long. Morning phone calls were twice as likely to contain a swear than a call later in the day.

Men were responsible for 66 percent of swears.

The top five states least likely to swear on the phone include Arizona, Massachusetts, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Washingtonians are the least likely to swear, dropping a four-letter word once every 300 conversations.

Marchex ranked South Carolina as the most polite state and Wisconsin at the least polite.

Sources: Newser, ABC 13


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