Which Professions Attract The Most Psychopaths? (List)


It’s time to find out who the closet psychopaths among us are.

In his book The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success, author Kevin Dutton compiles a list of which professions are the most and least appealing to psychopaths. 

The findings are about what you’d expect. Professions like CEO, lawyer, and police officer appeal to people with psychopathic inclinations. On the other hand, jobs requiring lots of empathy and human connection don’t attract many of these people at all. The least likely list bears professions like nurse, teacher, and therapist. 

Here’s the full list, courtesy of Time:

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By the way, don’t read this list and think people in these professions are one bad day away from hacking you to death. Though many people conjure up images in their head of Hollywood-style serial killers when they think of psychopaths, the personality disorder manifests itself in a number of different ways.

One standard definition for psychopathy says the disorder is marked by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. 

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