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Where's Ronald McDonald's Evil Twin?

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With all the recent buzz about taking toys out of unhealthy kid’s meals, PETA has come up with a way for kids to still have some fun at McDonald’s expense.   The new "Where's Evil Ronald?" video game challenges people to find the creepy clown played by Andy Dick in a crowd. The rounds get harder as the game goes on, and along the way, the game displays facts about McCruelty, like how chickens killed for McNuggets often have their throats cut and are plunged into tanks of scalding-hot water while they are still conscious. 

Click the image to play "Where's Evil Ronald?"

We'd be happy to let McDonald's put DVDs of our game in their meals. But of course, if the company's hatin' it, it could always just do the right thing and switch to a less cruel slaughter method. Let McDonald's know that you won't be caught dead under the golden arches until it stops allowing its suppliers to torture chickens.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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