Montessori Daycare Faces Allegations Of Child Abuse


Workers at a Montessori daycare center in Minnesota have been accused of physically abusing four children in their care.

Investigators from the state's Department of Human Services found that workers at Rainbow Montessori in Bloomington, Minnesota, committed a couple of significant violations, including physical abuse against four alleged victims, KMSP reported.

Kahlayaha Bey, whose daughter is one of the victims, said her child had been enrolled in the daycare for several years without incident. However, the abuse allegedly began when the child entered the center's pre-kindergarten program.

“She didn't want to go," Bey explained to the news station. "She would beg me sometimes. 'Mommy I don't want to go to school this morning.' I was like 'you have to ... I have to go to work.'"

Bey alleges that a staff member at the center struck her daughter and that she witnessed daycare workers physically abusing other children.

"She yanked a kid to the floor, picked them up, yanked them again," Bey said about a staff member. "I told her, 'If I ever see you do that to my child or any child again we are gonna have a problem.'"

In February, the DHS found that the center committed physical abuse against the four victims after a lengthy investigation. The department also found that the center had committed neglect by failing to report the abuse.

The center was fined $1,200 for the violations. It reportedly has until the end of February to appeal the fine.

Bey said the punishment was too light and that the daycare center should be shut down permanently because "it's not going to change."

Her daughter is no longer enrolled at the center.

More than 19,000 cases of child maltreatment were reported to authorities in Minnesota in 2013, according to data published by the state's Department of Human Services. The state requires workers in a number of specified professions, including childcare, to report suspected abuse.  

Sources: KMSP, Minnesota Department of Human Services / Photo Credit: KMSP, Rainbow Montessori Inc.

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