Woman Finds Newborn Baby On Front Lawn (Photos)


Police in Arizona are looking for the parents of an abandoned newborn baby girl.

The Mesa Police Department said baby Jane was found on Roseann McCulloh’s front lawn on March 8, Fox 10 reported. McCulloh’s son first discovered the child wrapped in a blanket and left in a baby carrier.

"I went to touch her and she moved and I went, 'She's alive,'" McCulloh told Fox 10.

The child was estimated to be one day old and appeared to be healthy. She still had her umbilical cord attached when she was found.

"She's just beautiful,” McCulloh added. “She has hair, she has poundage, she's great. She was breathing well. They say she's doing well in the hospital.”

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McCulloh said she has no idea who the parents might be, but was grateful to be the one that found the child.

"I don't feel like a guardian angel.. I can't even explain it,” McCulloh said, adding that she was heartbroken for the child and the baby’s mother. "That person must be so sick inside and if it was a teenage girl and she didn't have understanding parents, there were other people she could've turned to."

There is a fire station located less than a block away from where baby Jane was found. Under the Safe Haven Newborn law, anyone can drop a newborn off at an emergency room, police or fire station with no questions asked.

However, in this case, Jane’s parents, if found, could be facing child endangerment charges. However, no luck thus far.  

"We have had no success in locating either Mom or Dad for this child," said Mesa police spokesman Steve Berry according to U.S. News. 

Sources: Fox 10, U.S. News / Photo credit: Roseann McCulloh via Fox 10

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