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Mother Loses Young Daughter After Leaving Her In A Fire

Officials charged a Mother for not trying to to save her young daughter despite her screams for help after a fire broke out in their apartment Feb. 18.

Although the child is reportedly unharmed, police arrested Erica Rosello, 32, Feb. 19 and charged her with child neglect resulting in great bodily harm, CBS reports.

Neighbors told firefighters they heard the daughter cry for help, but her mother - who had left her alone at home but was outside when the fire broke out - did nothing.

"I was panic stricken because I didn't know what was going on," neighbor Elena Gomez said, reports ABC News.

"Unfortunately, [her parents] have to work and they can't find somebody to take care of the child, but there's always the risk," Gomez added.

Luckily, firefighters were able to rescue the child by smashing into her window.

“The bed was literally two feet from the window and I happened to see the little girl,” said firefighter David Arrencibia.

Arrencibia said he found the girl unconscious.

“I feel accomplished. I’m grateful that the situation was such that we were able to get her out as quickly as we did.  Had we taken another three, four minutes the outcome would have been different,” said Arrencibia.

Yet after her child was pulled out, Rosello quickly left the scene. Rosello’s mother had to encourage the woman to come to the hospital and cooperate with officials.

Rosello has previously been charged with child neglect and driving under the influence.

A judge has now ordered Rosello not to contact her daughter, with the custody of the child given to her grandmother instead. Rosello is reportedly also under house arrest now.

“This could have been prevented,” said a teary-eyed Angelica Tabio, Rosello’s mother. “I have asked for help. We have asked for help numerous times when this case had been opened. And I asked that this is something that could’ve been prevented if my daughter would have been helped.”

Officials say it is unclear what exactly caused the fire.

Source: CBS (2)ABC News / Photo Credit: Miami-Dade Corrections via CBS

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