'Such A Sad Sight': American Woman Murdered While Vacationing In The Caribbean


An American woman who was murdered while vacationing with her husband in the Caribbean was reportedly raped and attacked by a man with a sword.

Soon after arriving at the popular La Sagesse resort, the 39-year-old woman was found approximately 12 miles away from the capital of Grenada on a deserted beach area. Locals and tourists alike were reportedly shocked at the crime, which took place on Jan. 24.

“It’s an awful, awful thing for anywhere, but for Grenada it is catastrophic because it always prides itself on being the safest island in the Caribbean,” Sue Hardy, a British magazine journalist, said to Spice Islander.

Hardy explained that the attack reportedly happened about half a mile away from the main tourist area of the resort, past a dark swampy area onto a completely deserted beach. Since the couple had only arrived the night before the attack, Hardy assumed this was their first time walking along the beach.

“No one can see you there – but of course nobody can see if anyone attacks you there,” she said. “I’ve been there on previous visits to La Sagesse and I always felt a bit spooked on that deserted beach.”

Around 11:30 a.m. local time, the couple was attacked. The husband managed to escape and run back to the restaurant and hotel area to get help. Some resort staff ran back to the deserted beach, but it was too late, The Daily Mail reports.

The primary suspect, Dave Martin Benjamin, has turned himself in, according to a Jan. 25 Facebook post from the MTV News Grenada. Benjamin is an ex-convict who was recently released from prison.

Although there is speculation as to the way in which she was killed, police officers did not divulge any details. Many people believed the woman had also been raped during the attack.

“There was such a sad sight – she’d left her beach shoes lying on the sand near the restaurant," Hardy said to Spice Islander. “I assume she’d kicked them off to go for a romantic walk with her husband on their first full day in paradise. I took a photo of the shoes lying there."

Sources: The Daily Mail, Spice Islander, MTV News Grenada/Facebook

Photo Credit: Sue Hardy via The Daily Mail, MTV News Grenada/Facebook

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