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Woman Troubled By Discovery Of Alleged Love Potion (Photo)

A woman says she found a shrine to her under the bed of her partner's father.

The anonymous woman posted on an online Australian forum to ask advice about what the three jars containing different substances she uncovered could mean, Daily Mail reported.

The woman said one jar contained a white-colored liquid with clumps of her hair, while another contained honey and had her full name written on it.

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“I've been googling this non stop and all it says is it's a love spell? Is anyone familiar with this stuff and can help me out,” the woman wrote.

She found a third jar containing honey and herbs.

“I've been with my partner for nearly five years now, for the past year I've been having really bad issues with his dad,” she added.

“He has been accusing me of getting it on with my partner's family members, which has never ever happened, even accused me of getting it on with his uncle,” she added.

The woman said that her potential father-in-law often grinned at her strangely.

“[I] now think that my partner's dad is obsessed and in love with me,” she wrote.

She suggested his frequent allegations were made because he was jealous.

“After seeing those jars everything all adds up now,” she wrote.

The woman came across the jars while searching for her cats, reports The Sun.

A number of people responded to her story with their own advice.

“What does your partner think about all this? Get your partner to confront their dad,” wrote one.

Another suggested her best option was to run away because her partner’s father may react violently if his hopes of love are dashed.

The post also attracted a Wicca, who reassured the woman that the spell probably would not work if the man’s intentions were not pure.

“Slightly creepy but something that helps is a silver pentagram. It wards you against unwanted psychological, spiritual and magical attacks. Including spell work. Sage is also a really good idea as it has cleansing properties,” she wrote.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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