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Woman Arrested For Lying To Police About Her Kidnapping

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A Michigan woman who claimed she was abducted by four black men and beaten and raped has been arrested for allegedly making up the entire story. 

The Daily Mail reports that 25-year-old Leiha Artman from Muskegon, Michigan, claims that four black men stopped to ask her for directions while she was in the driveway of her home.  She then claimed that they grabbed her and threw her in the trunk of their car, then beat and sexually assaulted her.  

During the two days she was missing, her boyfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous, received photographs of Artman in which she appears bound and gagged and bleeding from the head. 

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However, police have arrested Artman and she has admitted to making a false report.  

Michigan Live reports that Artman was told she would avoid prison time by making the plea, which carries a maximum penalty of six years behind bars given her previous arrest record.  Artman has a history of heroin abuse.  

Artman’s boyfriend claims that she was indeed kidnapped, raped and beaten. However, it was not by the four black men she initially blamed.  It was by someone whom Artman is afraid to reveal to police -- presumably a drug dealer or gang member.  

“All I know is that I woke up to some very, very brutal pictures,” Artman’s boyfriend said.  “She did make up a story saying it was four black men but, at the end of the day, she did get really, really hurt by someone. She is a good woman and a good mother. She was a heroin addict that needed help and rehab.”

Her boyfriend claims that Artman was "bleeding" and "really hurt" when he came to collect her, after receiving a phone call as to her whereabouts.  He also claims he received text-message images of Artman, beaten and bloody, demanding money for her release. He claims none was exchanged. 

Artman has several convictions for resisting arrest, breaking and entering, and financial fraud.    

No word yet on whom Artman thinks really kidnapped her. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Michigan Live / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail, Supplied via Daily Mail

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