Baby Reportedly Gets Sick From Expired Target Formula

A Florida baby got sick after consuming baby formula her Mother bought her at a Target store March 3.

The Mother, Samantha Goldson, has now filed a complaint against the store and is trying to warn the public, WPTV reports.

"I'm not just going to sit back [because] I feel for all the other babies out there drinking that expired formula," explained Goldson.

The baby had fallen mysteriously ill before her babysitter realized what was going on.

"She’s never vomited like this so much and then my babysitter, I don’t know what made her look at the formula, she's just like, 'Sam, this is expired,'" said Goldson.  

A regular customer of Target's, Goldson said she was shocked by the discovery.

"I buy all my formula from that Target so I’m like, 'Okay let me go ahead and look,'" added Goldson.

Sure enough, the baby formula she purchased had expired in September 2015.

"All of them were expired, every single one of them, not one had 2016," she continued.

Target says they are investigating the situation:

Target is committed to food quality and we have processes in place to monitor freshness of products in our stores. We are looking into this situation. If a guest happens to find a product that has passed its expiration date, we encourage the guest to alert store team members. If the guest has already purchased the product, we will gladly provide a full refund.

However, this is not the first time expired products have been discovered at the store.

In 2009, Target paid the state of New Jersey $375,000 to resolve a lawsuit claiming they were selling expired baby formula, prescriptions, and more, NJ reports.

They also created a new position to better monitor issues like expiry dates.

"We expect retailers to treat their customers fairly, and that means proper pricing and having merchandise available as advertised," Division of Consumer Affairs Director David Szuchman said then. "It is significant that Target has agreed to create a new senior management position specifically to ensure compliance with the company’s policies and the terms of the settlement as to price accuracy."

Sources: WPTVNJ / Photo credit: Jay Reed/Flickr via Tech Times

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