Convicted Murderer Gathers Social Media Following From Behind Bars


A convicted murderer has become a social media star, infuriating his victim’s family.

Devin Williamson, who is serving life in prison after murdering Jevarin Mushat on Christmas Day 2011, has gathered a substantial social media following by live streaming from prison. According to WSFA News, Williamson has asked his followers for money to pay for more data and food. He even put up a Go Fund Me page, which has been taken down.

Chiquita Mushat, Jevarin’s sister, is absolutely infuriated by Williamson’s antics.

"He is sitting there acting like he enjoy himself in jail, and my brother I cannot see no more," Mushat said.

She is also disgusted at the viewers who have chosen to support Williamson.

"He killed my brother in front of me, his children, my momma, my grandmomma and the rest of my family that was there,” Mushat exclaimed. “And he did it on Christmas Day. Don't nobody need to be supporting a murderer.”

Defense Attorney Darly Bailey is disgusted at the negligence displayed by the Department of Corrections. He explained that although Williamson will be prosecuted, the Department should be more closely monitoring what enters the prison.

Bailey told WSFA, “It is unbelievable that someone who has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison has a cellphone in prison and broadcasting live. ... You’d expect that everybody would be doing their jobs and everybody would be treated according to the law, that he would be punished, be incarcerated, and not be on a cellphone having a party in prison."

Commissioner Jeff Dunn said that when the Department of Corrections was informed of the videos, Williamson was transferred to a higher security facility.

"I can't imagine what it would be like,” Dunn said. "First of all to have to go through what they went through and then to have to, in affect, relive some of it as they saw these videos."

Mushat plans to keep an eye on Williamson for other inappropriate conduct while serving his sentence. 

"I bet he is going to stay off of it today because if I ever see him on any type of media again I'm going to do this again and again,” Mushat said. “I'm going to call Department of Corrections and let them know you need to tighten down on them because he don't need to be down there having that kind of fun because this still ain't no fun.”

Sources: WSFA News, [2] / Photo credit: WSFA News

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