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Police Discover Something Shocking Inside Of Woman


A Fellsmere, Florida woman arrested for cocaine possession on April 5 was caught with a crack pipe hidden in her vagina. She told police the pipe didn't belong to her.

Tiffany Flores was arrested in Fellsmere at a traffic stop and charged with cocaine possession, after police found a bag of the drug on the roadway "directly beside the passenger door frame," according to an arrest affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Flores was stopped after an officer noticed a woman in the passenger's seat step out of her car briefly and then get back in. After first denying throwing the cocaine out of the window, Flores admitted to police that she purchased the coke.

Upon her arrival at county jail, Flores told police that she couldn't go through the body scanner because she was pregnant. She was given a pregnancy test that came back negative, and Flores was then processed through the scanner.

Officers then noticed a "foreign object located inside of Flores's vaginal area."

Flores then took out "a clear cylindrical tube containing a burnt end" and handed it to an officer. She claimed that the crack pipe was not hers and that it was owned by a female friend who was driving the car.

She then claimed that her friend "threw the crack pipe in her lap" and requested that she hide it for her.

"Flores then hid it inside of her vagina in an attempt to avoid a search," the affidavit stated.

The 23-year-old was charged with introducing contraband into a correctional facility, drug possession and tampering with evidence. She was placed in jail in lieu of an $11,000 bond.

Previously, Flores was arrested for theft, cocaine possession, credit card fraud and resisting arrest.

In February, a woman was arrested at JFK Airport in New York for smuggling half a pound of cocaine from Jamaica in her vagina. The Queens-based woman was charged with drug possession and held in lieu of a $100,000 bond, the New York Daily News reported.

Sources: Smoking Gun, New York Daily News / Photo credit: Fellsmere Police/Twitter

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