Model Saves Paralyzed Dog In Thailand (Photos)


When a Canadian woman spotted a paralyzed dog on a beach in Thailand, she decided to take action.  

Little Things reports that Meagan Penman, a model from Canada, was on vacation in Thailand when she spotted a dog dragging itself down the beach. 

The pup was malnourished and paralyzed from the waist down, so it couldn’t move its hind legs.  Penman decided to help the poor dog, which she later discovered had survived a terrible motorcycle accident.  Whoever the owner was did nothing to provide the dog with any medical care.

Penman took the dog to a local vet where X-rays determined that his spine was broken.  She tried to find a rescue to take the dog, but none would accept the paraplegic pup, so Penman decided to take him back to Canada where he could be fed and treated with proper medical care.  

After many generous donations, Penman was able to raise the $2,000 needed for the dog’s trip.  She brought the dog -- which she named Leo -- back to Canada with her, where further donations helped pay for his vet bills, and even got him his own doggie wheelchair so he could walk again. 

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Little Things posted this story on its Facebook page and the response was immediate.

One user wrote, “God bless this model for rescuing this sweet, unfortunate dog and those who have given him a quality of life he was missing.”

Another added, “God Bless this woman!!! Thank you so much for saving this poor dog and finding it a loving home!!! To the previous owner who had the dog on the motorcycle (that is insanity) gets in a crash and didn't get medical attention for the dog who ended up paralyzed, abandoned and left for dead, MAY YOU BURN IN HELL!!”

It was estimated that Leo had weeks to live, but thanks to Penman, he now has a shot at a happy life. 

Sources: Little Things, Little Things/Facebook / Photo credit: Help Save Leo via Little Things

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