Arizona Homeowners Outraged Over 'Wild' HOA Demands


Several El Mirage, Arizona, residents were outraged to receive letters from their Homeowner's Association (HOA) telling them that they needed to paint their houses.

Amy Heusted was shocked when she got the letter, saying that her HOA required her to paint her house.

"I think it is a blatant abuse of power," she said. "Once again, an HOA is overstepping its bounds. That's not what they're here for."

Heusted is one of 700 residents in the community that were recently handed the notice. The letter said that residents must paint their houses within two weeks or face fines. 

"I don't need somebody bullying me around and telling me what to do because their opinion is it's time," Heusted said. 

Darin Fisher, CEO of the HOA Vision Community Management, said that there was never any intention of creating hardships for the residents. There have been newsletters going out for more than a year informing residents of plans to have them repaint their houses, he told KPHO.

"The vast number [of] homeowners are very supportive of the fact the HOA board is trying to keep standards up in the community," Fisher said. "We are very compassionate to people with financial challenges. If they'll pick up the phone and call us, there's always a process to help them."

In another Arizona incident, a Homeowner's Association caused controversy after they hired two attorneys and a security guard to attend an HOA meeting, says Tri-Valley Central. The association took the bold step when a group of residents planned to attend to voice their concerns about HOA regulations and guidelines.

Sources: KPHO, Tri Valley Central / Photo credit: KPHO

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