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Moose Gives Birth In Lowe's Parking Lot (Video)

Customers in Anchorage, Alaska, were shocked to find a mother moose giving birth in a Lowe's parking lot on May 31 (video below).

The moose went into labor at a mall in Tikahtnu Commons, surprising shoppers and causing traffic, KTUU reports.

Many stopped to watch the birth.

“We went to go to Target and we thought there had been a car accident because there was a security van blocking traffic,” said one unidentified shopper. “Then we saw people standing around so we turned to go around and we saw the moose. So we just pulled over and have been sitting here waiting to see if she’ll have a second baby or not.”

Alaska is in the middle of its moose calving season, authorities say, and warn residents to stay away from areas with moose.

"Cow [moose] are dropping calves all over town right now. If you're walking through a wooded area, you need to be extra vigilant," Department of Fish and Game biologist Jessy Coltrane said, reports Alaska Dispatch News. "Those cow [moose] are so defensive of their little babies. They will literally stand there on the edge of the woods watching you, and if you take one step into their personal bubble, they'll come out hooves flying."

"This is probably the most dangerous time of year to be around moose," Coltrane added.

Mountain bikers are especially advised to avoid trails because they're less likely to see moose before it's too late.

“I would definitely recommend to people to get a new hobby for the next couple weeks,” said Coltrane.

She said everybody should be careful.

In 2012, a moose stomped on a 6-year-old girl, Chloe Metzger, causing injuries to her back and breaking her clavicle while she was playing at home.

"I looked out and she was curled in a ball protecting her head," Metzger’s mother, Julie, said. "Everybody was screaming."

The girl ended up fine but had to undergo surgery.

"She's tough," her mother said. "Neither one of us slept last night. It was hard for her. She was thinking about the moose."

Her mother had to explain to the scared girl that the moose simply wanted to protect its child.

"She said, 'I didn't want its baby,'" Metzger’s mother said.

Sources: KTUU, Alaska Dispatch News / Photo credit: John J. Mosesso, NBII via Wikimedia Commons

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