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Teen Arrested For Putting Bleach In Aunt's Juice

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An Alabama teen is accused of attempted murder after he allegedly put bleach in his aunt's orange juice.

Deandre Lashawn Luckey, 18, was arrested on June 16 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after his aunt, who has not been named, told police he spiked her orange juice with bleach, reported. The aunt said she drank some of her orange juice on June 14 before she noticed a strange smell. And when she asked her husband what it was, he told her it smelled like bleach.

The couple then asked Luckey if he had anything to do with it, and police said the 18-year-old admitted to putting bleach in the juice in an attempt to kill his 40-year-old aunt.

The aunt was treated at a nearby hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

In 2010, a Denny's employee in Virginia was arrested for putting bleach in the drinks of two of his co-workers, according to WRC. The co-workers found out, and he ended up getting charged with two counts of altering a drink with intent to harm.

The victims were not seriously injured.

Bleach is the number one cause of household poisonings, with about 50,000 cases per year in the U.S., according to Wired. However, fatal cases are rare, with about eight per year.

Sources:, WRIC, Wired / Photo Credit: Steven Depolo/Flickr

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