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Police: Woman Hit Husband With Baseball Bate Because He Didn't Buy Her A Valentine's Day Gift

An Ohio woman allegedly assaulted her husband for not buying her a Valentine’s Day present.

Kimberly Hammond, 46, was arrested on Feb. 14 after her husband told police he was assaulted with a mini baseball bat, KFOR reports. When officials asked Hammond about the incident, she reportedly said she was upset that her husband hadn't bought her a Valentine's Day gift.

The husband told police that his wife had been drinking and when the couple got into an argument, she became violent, scratching and hitting his face. He said she then picked up the mini baseball bat and knocked him unconscious by hitting him in the head.

According to Washington County sheriff’s deputies, Hammond continued to assault her husband after he regained consciousness. 

Hammond blew a .221 during a breathalyzer test. She was arrested and charged with domestic violence and felonious assault. She is currently being held in Washington County Jail.

Sources: KFORWTAP / Photo Credit: Washington Co. Sheriff's Office via KFOR

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