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Woman Admits Beating Grandmother To Death

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A New Jersey woman has pleaded guilty to killing her 94-year-old grandmother.

Katherine Schubert of Brick, New Jersey, admitted beating her maternal grandmother, Mary Driscoll, to death in May 2014.

According to WTSP, Schubert alleged not being able to remember much about the events that took place during that week, but she was aware that both her actions and lack of actions resulted in the death of her maternal grandmother, with whom she lived at the time.

Laura Pierro, the prosecutor’s chief attorney, explained that Schubert brutally beat Driscoll on two separate occasions.

The first beating occurred May 16, 2014, after Schubert had been drinking some Maker’s Mark liquor. Schubert said she started drinking after an argument with her mother earlier that day. She originally had plans to spend time with a friend she met at a drug rehabilitation program, but she was so intoxicated that her friend kicked her out of his car. After she went back inside the house, she and Driscoll started arguing, which ended in Schubert beating her.

Her grandmother reportedly did not want her to call emergency services, so Schubert left the 94-year-old on the floor for the rest of the weekend.

On May 18, Schubert assaulted Driscoll a second time. She tried to help her grandmother off the floor and into her pajamas, but Driscoll struggled. Schubert attacked her, saying she had to "go in for round two and beat her into submission." Later that day, a friend of Schubert’s arrived at the home and called 911 after seeing Driscoll slumped over a chair in her underwear.

Driscoll died six days later on May 24, 2014. Dr. Ian Hood, forensic pathologist for the Ocean County Medical Examiner’s Office, deemed her death a homicide. Hood stated she passed away from complications due to head trauma.

Originally charged with aggravated assault, Schubert’s charges intensified to murder after Driscoll died, as reported by New Jersey On-Line. Her bail was increased from $150,000 to $750,000.

Schubert will receive an official sentence June 10. Pierro and Michelle Armstrong, supervising assistant prosecutor, will ask Judge Wendel Daniels for eight years behind years. Under New Jersey’s No Early Release Act, Schubert will be obligated to serve 85 percent of her sentence before being considered for parole.

Sources: WTSP, New Jersey On-Line / Photo credit: Asbury Park Press

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