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Man Finds World War II Air Raid Shelter Under Driveway

A U.K. man made a surprising discovery outside his home Oct. 22.

Simon Marks was backing out of his driveway when the wheel of his vehicle became stuck, The Sun reported.

“This massive hole appeared. I thought it was a sinkhole or a badly constructed garden,” Simon told The Sun.

He soon identified a large hole in the ground.

“When I moved a few of the slabs out of the way I found a ladder. I got my selfie stick and put it down the hole where I saw two rooms,” he said.

“It was so well structured with the concrete roof and the walls, it was quite clear what it was going to be. We googled other air raid shelters and they were all of a similar structure, so it clicked quite quickly what it was,” Simon told the BBC.

The previous owner is thought to have filled in the shelter with mud to construct the driveway.

“I was just terrified the whole house was going to vanish. I took some pictures and sent them to my dad,” Simon said.

Gerald, Simon’s father, has been helping him to dig out the mud in the days since the discovery.

Simon and Gerald have reportedly already dug out five feet of mud and are about halfway there. They have been storing the mud in Simon’s garden.

“He clearly wasn’t very worried about it and it just sat there until the hatch fell through,” Simon said of the previous owner. “I think it’s great and I want to clear it out and preserve it if it’s structurally sound.”

They found old newspapers and other items from shortly after World War II. Simon also discovered that there were several similar shelters in the local area.

He believes the shelter in his driveway was constructed after a bomb from a German aircraft landed nearby during the war.

Simon remains unsure as to whether there are any more rooms in the shelter. He suspects a wall may have been bricked up when the foundation for the house was built, but will only be able to confirm this when the excavation work is complete.

Sources: The Sun, BBC / Photo credit: darkday/Flickr

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