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Vet Kills Cheating Wife And Castrates Best Friend (Photo)

A veteran has been arrested after confessing to killing his wife and castrating his best friend because he caught them having an affair.

Vladimir Sidorov, 35, was with his children all day while his 31-year-old wife was supposed to be visiting a female friend who recently gave birth, the Daily Mail reported. But it didn’t take long for Sidorov to realize that his wife was not with a female friend at all.

Sidorov’s best friend was supposed to drive his wife to the woman's home, police said. Sidorov tried calling his best friend several times, but got no answer.

“Sidorov walked to the house of his friend who was supposed to have driven his wife - and there he found both of them in an intimate situation,” the Investigative Committee said in a statement. “The suspect took out his knife, stabbed the male victim several times.

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“As a result of the injuries both victims died at the scene of the crime. Having committed his crime, Sidorov called the local police office and reported the crime.”

A source added that Sidorov “cut off” his best friend’s genitals. The victim was just 32 years old, Mogaz News reported.

Police arrived at the Shama village home and arrested Sidorov, who had been working as a vet at the Soviet-style collective farm.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mogaz News / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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