Veteran Attacked By Three Teens, Left Blind (Video)


An Oklahoma man was left blind in one eye after trying to defend a woman who was being harassed by three men in a busy intersection (video below).

The incident occurred on April 24. Nick Dee was taking his 10-year-old stepdaughter home from the batting cages when he saw a group of teenagers yelling at a woman in her car, KOKH reported.

"I started honking my horn to get their attention, the lady looked pretty scared," Dee told KOKH.

The teens pulled up behind Dee and got out of the vehicle. Dee said he got out of his vehicle as well so that the attackers wouldn’t try to break into the car and hurt his stepdaughter.

"There was a few seconds of words and one came after me," he recalled. "I wrestled them into the grass and then they were beating on me."

A witness at the scene caught part of the attack on video and sent it to the news station. In the video, the three suspects can be seen attacking Dee with clubs.

"I was pretty well knocked out on the ground,” Dee explained. “One of them just kept wailing on me. They clearly intended to maim or kill me."

Dee, who is a combat veteran, said the attackers looked like they could have been teenagers. He added that one of the attackers had braces. They were all believed to be in a 1990s white Ford F-150 with an extended cab.

"I was stunned because they were so young," Dee said. "I thought I'd go to prison if I hit one of the guys."

The assault left Dee blind in his right eye. He had stitches on the bridge of his nose, a bloody forehead and bruises all over his body. Doctors are unsure if Dee will regain vision in his right eye.

The Norman Police Department said they are now working to identify the suspects, but have no leads. If caught, the attackers could be facing assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charges.

"Those guys were aggressive and violent for no reason," Dee added. "They need to be held accountable."

Sources: KOKH, WLKY / Photo credit: Screenshot via Vuz TV/YouTube

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