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Uber Driver Dumps Alleged Drug Dealers (Video)

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Dashcam footage shows the moment when an Uber driver orders four passengers to get out of his car after a drug deal reportedly occurred from the passenger window (video below)

The video, which reportedly took place in Boston, shows four men on their way to meet with someone. Initially, the confused driver asks the group if they want him to pick up another passenger. One of the men says they are going to pick up a set of keys.

A little while later, the group sees the person they need to meet with, so the driver pulls up to the man on the side of the road. Someone appears to pass an object through one of the windows before walking away.

Soon after, the driver confronts the men.

“That wasn't keys buddy, that was drugs,” he says. “Can you please get out of my car?”

One of the passengers tells him to take them to their destination, but the driver stays firm and threatens to call the police. Three of the men decide to get out of the vehicle, but one stays and argues with the driver, demanding he cancel the fare.

“You can call whoever the [expletive] you want to call and it's probably good for you to call them because I'm going to start really getting physical,” he says.

The conversation gradually becomes more intense until the driver is able to cancel the Uber fare, ending the confrontation.

On Reddit, several people debated the actions of both the men and the driver during the incident.

“Unfortunately, you can't really see the drug deal in the camera, so it would be tough to actually prosecute them on anything,” said aml5133.

"I know when I'm in the middle of committing a crime/getting called out for illegal shit on camera and maybe the cops are coming I always concern myself with receipts and credit card refunds,” wrote yamiaworky.

Some questioned whether or not playing ignorant would have been the safer route for the driver to have taken that night.

“Being unaware is just as bad as being forced,” wrote Redditor BadPunsGuy. “If a police officer showed up you could be charged and it would get you fired from your job regardless of if you claim that you were knowledgeable of the situation or not.”

Sources: Hector Moreno/YouTube, Reddit, [2] / Photo Credit: The Daily Mail

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