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Roommate Fails To Report Dead Body In Colorado

A Colorado family has been forced out of their apartment, in a situation that could last for weeks, as building managers deal with a mess left by a discovered dead body and a flooded toilet in the unit next door.

An unidentified man's body -- that had reportedly been dead for several weeks -- was only discovered when the neighboring family reported leaks coming through a wall shared by the two units. 

The cadaver was found lying in several inches of sewage water and had been dead for more than a week, police said, KDVR reports. 

Law enforcement officials do not suspect foul play and believe the man died of natural causes. 

Another man lived in the contaminated unit with the now deceased individual but did not report the death. It is not clear why he did not do so. 

His neighbors expressed frustration over the fact he did not report the passing.

"Why didn't that guy tell somebody that his friend died? Like, you're living with a dead body for that long?" said a 16-year-old Lorae Arellano, who lives across the hall in the now-evacuated apartment.  

The waste water was found to be contaminated and a threat to human health. 

"They said, you know, we're recommending you guys call a 24-hour crime scene cleanup crew out here to get this water out, because it's contaminated," said Lorae's mother, Maelynn Arellano. 

"It's extremely contaminated, so I can't go in my apartment," she added. 

Although the body was discovered on March 14 and reported to building management that day, apartment complex managers reportedly didn't contact a cleaning crew till the afternoon of March 15. 

The crew discovered asbestos as they performed the cleanup and declared the two apartments as unlivable until a full restoration of the unit is completed. 

"I don't have anywhere else to go. This is my home," said Maelynn. 

The Arellano family could be forced to live elsewhere for a month or longer as a result of the damages. 

They say they are spending some nights in a hotel covered by a Red Cross voucher, but do not know where they will stay after they leave the hotel.  

A 2013 study found that people who do not see friends or family regularly have a 50 percent higher chance of dying before their time, The Telegraph reports. 

The British study followed the lives of 6,500 people aged 52 and older over a seven-year period and found that loneliness and isolation is a veritable health risk.  

Sources: KDVR, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Pixabay

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