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Teen Injured, Parents Killed In Separate Car Crashes

A Missouri teen who suffered severe injuries in a car accident lost both his parents when they got into a car accident on their way to see him at the hospital.

Chris Hahn, 19, collided head-on with another vehicle on the morning of Dec. 16. He was taken to a nearby hospital where currently remains in fair condition, according to KRCG.

Hahn's parents, who were 38 and 37 years old, began driving to the hospital as soon as they learned of their son's accident. That's when they were involved in their own head-on crash, which killed both of them as well as the couple in the other vehicle.

Police indicated that the other car crossed over the center line before striking Hahn's parents' car, according to WGHP.

Alexa Daniel, who works with Hahn at Walmart, said she and her coworkers have all been affected by the incident.

"We all pretty much feel the same," she told KRCG. "Concern for him and hoping that he will get better soon."

Considering the circumstances, Daniel is willing to do whatever she can to help. She has set up a GoFundMe account on Hahn's behalf.

"Rather than sit around and wonder if something is going to be done about it, I decided to do something about it ... Every little bit helps," she said. "He's 19 years old. He has his whole life ahead of him and I just hope to bring his life back to the way it was, as much as I can."

Daniel's GoFundMe page has raised over $9,700 since it was created on Dec. 17.

Sources: KRCG, WGHP, GoFundMe / Photo credit: GoFundMe

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