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Teenager Dies After Drinking At School Prom

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Police are investigating the death of a high school girl after she came home from a night of drinking at her senior prom. 

Anna Jaskulka, 18, was reportedly found unresponsive in her bedroom after her parents brought her home from the North St. Paul High School prom on the night of May 21. According to the Daily Mail, her parents immediately called 911, but by the time police arrived at their home in Maplewood, Minnesota, Jaskulka was in full cardiac arrest.  

Maplewood Police chief Paul Schnell said they had confirmed that Jaskulka was drinking that night, but it is undetermined as of yet whether she had ingested other substances in addition to alcohol. 

"We are hopeful that [through] our investigation we will be able to ascertain if there were other substances in her system and [if so], what those were and where she got them," Schnell said, the Daily Mail notes.

Jaskulka's autopsy and toxicology reports are pending.  

"We always talk about these potential tragedies and this was certainly one of the tragedies we would hope any community and certainly any parent would avoid," Schnell added. "Our heart goes out to them and we only hope that [Jaskulka's] death serves as a reminder, as we exit prom season and enter graduation season, of the importance of making really good decisions."

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Jaskulka's classmates were equally saddened by her sudden death.  

"The whole thought of a student our age dying, especially this young, it's heartbreaking really," classmate Ricky Sanchez told KSTP.  

Another student, Sheyenne Phillips, urged everyone at the school to wear Jaskulka's favorite color in order to commemorate her life.  

North High School Principal Greg Nelson issued the following statement in response to Jaskulka’s death:

We are truly saddened by the loss of Anna Jaskulka, Anna was a student with a bright personality and kind heart. She will be deeply missed. North High will have extra counselors available in the days ahead to support students and staff during this difficult time.

The school's graduation is June 8.  

Sources: KSTP, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Teen Drug Abuse Prevention, Facebook via Daily Mail

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