Teen Arrested For Throwing Water On Boyfriend At School


A Georgia high school student was reportedly arrested after she poured water on her then-boyfriend.

Xavier Jones of Newnan High School told WSB-TV that she is being punished for standing up for herself.

On April 1, the 18-year-old was told by a friend that her boyfriend had created a video showing nude photos of her and uploaded it to the messaging app Kik.

Jones confronted her boyfriend during school hours and poured water on him while cursing him out. A teacher took her to the principal’s office,  and she was suspended for a day.

She was instructed to return to school with her parents. To her family’s surprise, police officers were waiting at the school and charged Jones with misdemeanor disruption of a school.

"They told me to stand up and he put the handcuffs on me," Jones said. "Then I started shaking and crying."

"I started crying ‘cause I just couldn’t believe that they would arrest her," Jones’ mother recalled.

Attorneys L. Chris Stewart and Gerald Griggs, both of whom are handling Jones’ case free of charge, believe neither the school district nor the police department handled the situation appropriately.  

"We fully believe she was defending herself and defending her honor that had been violated by these gentlemen," Griggs said.

"[It’s wrong] to put a young girl in handcuffs over defending herself and standing up for being violated," Stewart said.

Newman Deputy Police Chief Rodney Riggs said the case was handled properly, although he admitted that the only crime committed resulted in a misdemeanor disruption charge.

"It drew a large crowd of students and it took a large number of the schools staff to break the crowd up, break the fight up and to restore order," Riggs said.

According to the police report, Jones’ ex-boyfriend confirmed what she said about the video and photos on Kik, but "all information was lost" as the person who initiated the chat shut it down, Daily Mail reports.

"This ruins her life because what if she can't get into college because of this charge,” Stewart told WSB-TV. “It's just unfair.”

The 18-year-old is facing up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine. 

"I characterize it as the victim getting victimized, and that’s exactly what happened in this case," Griggs said.

Sources: WSB-TV, The Daily Mail / Photo Credit: WSB-TV

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