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Mother Of Transgender Teen Comes Out As Trans (Photos)

The mother of a transgender girl has revealed that she is also transgender and is in the process of transitioning into a man.

When Erica House's daughter, Corey, came out as transgender, she was very supportive. On Corey's 14th birthday, she even surprised her daughter with her first estrogen prescription.

Now, just a year later, Erica is living as a man named Eric and has come out to his family as transgender, as well, the Daily Mail reports.

Eric says he came out to his husband, Les, in 2015, after Corey had already begun her transition from boy to girl. Soon after coming out to Les, Eric told his children.

"It was an awful secret to keep from my family," Eric told Mirror.

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Eric has been taking testosterone since February 2016 and says he hopes to have surgery to remove his breasts soon.

The father says that his husband was incredibly supportive when he came out and has remained supportive throughout his transition.

"My loved ones were awesome, almost like nothing really changed," Eric said. "Our relationship is actually stronger and better than it ever has been in the 10 years we've been together."

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Corey and Eric say they both realized they were transgender while watching a interview with transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings. Corey was 11 at the time.

After watching the interview, Corey said, "Mom, I am just like her, I am a girl." Eric, however, remained quiet about his feelings.

When Corey came out to her family and began her transition, she said, "I finally felt free."

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Eric had similar feelings about coming out.

"I finally feel complete for the first time in my life," he said.

According to Mirror, Corey and Eric may be the first parent and child to publicly state that they are both transgender.

Sources: Daily MailMirror / Photo credit: Eric Maison/Facebook via Daily Mail, Eric House via Mirror

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