Man Watches Porn At School, Screams At Student (Video)


A middle school teacher was recorded ranting at a student after allegedly being caught watching "inappropriate things" on his computer (video below).

Jeffrey Province, 13, told WOWK News he was the first student to arrive at his math class at East Bank Middle School in East Bank, West Virginia, on April 12. When he entered the classroom, he reportedly saw his teacher, Thomas Yohn, looking at "something no 13-year-old should ever see in a school" on a computer.

The middle school student told the school principal, and later in the day, Yohn reportedly entered Jeffrey’s English class to scream at the teenager in front of his peers.

"Next time you open your big stinking mouth pal I will write you up and send you to the office for coming into my room without permission, is that clear?" Yohn is heard saying in the video, which was recorded by a classmate on a cell phone. "What I watch as an adult is my choice, you as a child will wait in the hall until you're invited into my room, is that clear?"

Yohn ranted for over a minute, saying that Jeffrey "tried to blackmail" him, and he’s "a grown up and can watch whatever [he wants]."

Carmelene Short, Jeffrey’s mother, said she first found out about the incident after watching the video on social media. She reportedly had not been contacted by the school or the board of education prior to viewing the video on the Internet.

"[Jeffrey's] grandpa said, 'You need to get on Facebook and watch this video,' and when I did I was shocked," Short explained.

Jeffrey told Short that a man and two women were discussing a threesome in the video, according to The Huffington Post. Short said she does not think the scene her son watched contained sex.

According to Short, Yohn has been suspended pending the results of an internal investigation. However, Jeffrey is concerned about the possibility of Yohn returning to the school.

"I was afraid that he would do something to hurt me because I told on him and I might make him lose his job," Jeffrey WOWK News. "So that's pretty much the reason why I'm scared."

"He is supposed to be safe at school and this should have never happened, at all," Short said. "I don't talk to my kid like that and he is not going to talk to my kid like that."

The superintendent of the school district said there was nothing questionable found on Yohn's computer, but they are still investigating the situation.

Sources: WOWK, The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: WOWK

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