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Veteran Helps Track Down Men Who Allegedly Stole His Daughter's Birthday Gifts

Birthday presents for 12-year-old Amber Truitt were stolen off the porch of her family’s home in Paulding County, Georgia, on Feb. 15,  WGCL reported.

Her father, Eric Truitt, a veteran intelligence analyst with the Navy, was furious. "It really gets your blood pumping. It makes you feel a little bit helpless. I was actually at work at the time, but my family was home," he told WSB-TV. “Makes you very angry.”

Truitt used his skills and frustration to try to track the thief down. "The vehicle appeared to be a late 2007 to 2009 California special [Ford] Mustang," Truitt said of the getaway car. 

“They picked the wrong house," he added. "We have 360-degree Blu-ray quality video coverage of the house.”

After Truitt posted video of the crime online, the thieves returned the gifts, plus $60 in cash, and a note of apology that read: “So sorry, hope this helps. I know I can’t make it right but I want to try.” 

Truitt wasn’t satisfied. “Our concern is that there’s a wider net of victims here, whose voice isn’t represented, that have had things stolen from them, that aren’t going to have them returned and aren’t going to receive an apology,” he said. Detectives believe there could be other victims, although it hasn't been confirmed.

Two men in a black Mustang were stopped by police on unrelated charges in the area, and arrest warrants were issued for them, reports WGCL.

Truitt had advised the thieves to turn themselves in. "The best thing for them, is to go ahead and go the sheriffs office and admit what they did, because they’re going to catch up to them," he said.

Truitt said the incident proves to him that everyday citizens can take security into their own hands. “Especially now being able to leverage social media, the chances of getting away with things these days are getting slimmer and slimmer,” he said. “People are paying attention. People are watching. There’s cameras everywhere."

Sources: WSB-TV, WGCL Photo credit: WGCL

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