Cop Killed My Dog Without Cause, Woman Says (Video)

In gruesome video footage, an officer is seen responding to a domestic violence call and shooting a 4-year-old pit bull in the process (video below).

Prior to the shooting on Feb. 13, Yvonne Rosado was dancing with her pet pit bull in her Bronx apartment. As per usual in their weekly ritual, Rosado and the dog danced while the dog was on its hind legs, the New York Daily News reports. This time, they danced to a song by Kid Cudi.

“He’s right there when the music’s about to start,” Rosado, 42, told The Daily News. “I dance around with him and I spin him with one paw.”

However, the dog started barking once the cops from the 46th Precinct arrived around 5:30 a.m. When Rosado opened her door to see what was going on, her dog Spike ran into the hallway where Rosado’s 16-year-old neighbor was standing.

In video footage, the officer can be seen shooting Spike from about 3 feet away. As the dog ran down the stairs, the cop fired almost immediately.

"I was screaming, 'He's friendly! He's friendly!' But he still did that to my dog," Rosado said.

"[Spike] was like a big Snuffleupagus -- a gentle giant," she added. "He was a member of the family ... He would wag his tail, letting everyone know he was friendly."

Irma Sue Santiago, the 16-year-old girl’s mother, said Spike had not caused any trouble that night.

“Spike died wagging his tail,” Santiago said.

According to Rosado, the police never apologized and have not explained the shooting.

A spokesperson for the police said the case would be reviewed by the Force Investigation Division.

According to Santiago, one cop was taken to the hospital for tinnitus. Santiago added that her daughter will have to go to psychiatric therapy because of the event.  

David Thompson, Rosado's attorney, has filed a notice of claim against the city in regards to the incident, the New York Post notes.

Sources: NY Daily News, NY Post / Photo Credit: NY Post, Wochit News/YouTube

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