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When Small-Town Politics Turn Big-Time Ugly: Missouri Woman Receives Threatening Letters

PEVELY, Mo. – After she publicly criticized city politics, Erin Kasten, 39, received a letter threatening to expose “sexually explicit” content of her unless she backed away from the city. Each of the letter’s words was spelled out using a different magazine clipping.

Kasten moved to Pevely several months ago. Although she is not an office holder, she has been overtly critical of the government for, amongst other things, failing “to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenues”, as well as for paying the mayor’s wife’s cell phone bill.

Kasten received the note, which threatens to leak emails full of sexual content to friends, family, and the public, at work on Friday.

“Back away from Pevely now!” the note orders.

Kasten, who insists that no such emails exist, has gone so far as to give the local newspaper permission to publish them on the front page.

“I had a list of six people I thought could have sent it instantly,” she said. When asked if she thought any of the potential senders were elected officials, her response was, “No, but close.”

Kasten spoke at a Board of Aldermen meeting on Monday, where she addressed the crowd by saying, “If I don’t stand up for what I think is right, I really can’t expect anybody else to do the same.”

An alderman has put out a $1,000 reward for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the note’s creator(s). One of Kasten’s political adversaries added an addition $500 to the cause.

As police investigate the notes and patrol Kasten’s home, Kasten has resolutely addressed the note’s demand by refusing to back away from Pevely.

“If I could say something to the person who sent this,” she has said, “it would be ‘let’s see what it is you think you have to blackmail me with. I would love to watch you rack up the felonies.’”

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