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Police Help Single Mother Pulled Over For Expired Tags

A Colorado mother is thankful after local police bought her groceries and paid for her ticket in order to ease her financial burden.  

KDVR reports that Naomi Norelli was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her second child. She then moved to Denver to start a new job, but the job fell through shortly after her arrival. Upon finding a new job, her car died. She then bought a new car, only to discover that she needed to pay $400 for registration tags.  

"Trying to cover rent, child care, food, groceries, the whole nine yards on one budget is really hard," said Norelli.

Norelli was then pulled over by Greenwood Village Police for having expired tags. 

"The police officer asked why my tags were so far expired. I explained 'Well it's between the tag and the groceries, essentially.' I am a single parent with two kids under the age of 5 and just trying to make those ends meet with the kids is really challenging," said Norelli.

According to WJW, the officers wrote Norelli a ticket, and she went to work in tears over a ticket she could not afford to pay. Soon after the two officers arrived at her office with bags of groceries.  

"I was totally and completely stunned," Norelli said.  

She claims she wrote the officers a thank you note, which was circulated throughout the department. An anonymous person donated money to cover her ticket, and officers pooled their money together to buy Norelli more groceries, a Starbucks gift card, and a stuffed animal for Norelli's son.  

"They did not have to go out of their way," she said. "They could have just given me a ticket. That's really amazing."

Sources: KDVR, WJW / Photo Credit: Xnatedawgx/Wikimedia Commons

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