TV Reporter Responds To Insulting Letter


Marcella Raymond has been a dedicated reporter at WGN-TV Chicago for the last 18 years. However, that hasn’t stopped viewers from judging her expertise.

In a letter she received from a viewer unlike any other, the viewer pointed out that Raymond had gained too much weight. The writer refused to give their name, FTV Live noted.

" ... [P]lease allow me to point out (with great respect) that you have gained too much weight," the letter, which was sent to Raymond in March, read. “Being heavier than you probably want to be does present a message to the viewer: this person is not able to discipline herself in a visual medium. It interferes with your real message when reporting.”

The letter writer added that they had only written the letter out of concern for Raymond’s job. The writer noted that being out of shape is a sign of “not keeping your house in order.”

Raymond posted the letter to her Facebook page and later discussed it with Bill Leff on Wendy Snyder’s WGN Radio Show.

Raymond said she has received a massive amount of support, though she noted she didn’t need it.

“What made me really happy was that so many people saw this the same way and would never do anything like that to anybody else,” Raymond said on the WGN Radio Show. “So that was the really positive thing that came out of it.”

Raymond said she will eventually lose weight for herself not for her viewers.

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Sources: WGNTV, FTV Live / Photo Credit: FTV Live, Yahoo News

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