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Puppy In Recovery: Chemical Burns On Face (Video)

A homeless puppy whose face was covered with chemical burns is in recovery after being rescued and treated (video below).

The dog, Harrison, was brought to the Vet Ranch in Texas with his face and tail covered in chemical burns, says Fox 29. Staff are unsure how the puppy was burned.

Dr. Matt Carriker treated Harrison over the course of three months, helping him overcome the burns and infections. 

Now, Harrison’s facial hair has mostly grown back. However, there are scars from deeper burns that will prevent any hair from growing.

“Let’s say he’s never going to win any beauty contests,” Carrier said. “You can see he is 10 times better than he was when we first got him, but that hair is just not going to grow in.”

Harrison is currently living in a foster home until he finds a family to adopt him.

Watch a video of Harrison’s recovery below.

Sources: Fox 29YouTube / Photo credit:  Fox 29

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