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Animal Shelter Receives Surprising Notebook With Dog (Photo)

When a Utah family had to give their dog up for adoption, they gave the shelter a special set of notes addressed to his future owner.

Rhino Lightning, a 3-year-old boxer, was given to the Humane Society of Utah because his family could no longer keep him. The family told the shelter that "he wasn't a great fit for the youngest children in the house," because he gets excited when he plays and "is unaware of his size," Guinnevere Shuster, spokesperson for the Humane Society of Utah, told the "Today" show.

But one of the family's children filled a spiral notebook with information about Rhino to make sure his new owner would know all about him.

"The family told our receiving staff the notebook was written by one of their kids," Shuster said. "It was filled with information about Rhino for his new family."

According to the notebook, Rhino's "cheeks make a lot of slobber." Also, he is "a good dog and he loves cuddles," and is a "very amazing puppy."

The child noted that Rhino "hates snow & swimming," but he "loves to run around" and sleep under the blankets.

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The Humane Society of Utah is searching for a new home for Rhino. If there are children in the potential adopter's home, then they should be at least 8-years-old so they "won't get knocked over when [Rhino] zooms through the yard," Shuster said.

The staff at the shelter has learned more about Rhino while he's been in their care, such as his ability to smell peanut butter "from a mile away," and that he "loves to bounce around in the grass." Shuster said he is nervous in his kennel, but calmer and goofy outside and is not a big fan of cats.

When Rhino finds a new home, there is one stipulation the owner will have to abide by, per the child's notebook: his name must remain.

He also must not be given too many tennis balls because he'll quickly destroy them -- but Nerf balls are okay -- and should be bathed at least once a month.

The child also said to "make sure he is in a safe house," where he will be told every night that "I love and miss him."

The Humane Society of Utah has listed Rhino on its website, and refers to him as a "striped dream charmer" who is waiting to be on the cover of Dogue.

Sources: TODAY, Humane Society of Utah / Photo credit: Humane Society of Utah via TODAY

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