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Professor Writes Anti-Semitic Facebook Posts (Photos)

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A professor at a prestigious liberal arts college still has a job, despite writing several anti-Semitic social media posts.

Joy Karega, an assistant professor whose research interests include “social justice and social change,” published a series of Facebook posts in which she blamed Jewish people for 9/11, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, and the rise of ISIS.

In a post after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, she asserted that the massacre was a conspiracy with the aim of halting French support for Palestinians, according to The Tower. She also wrote, “I stopped letting folks bully me with that ‘You’re being anti-semitic’ nonsense a long time ago.”

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Later that day, when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to a free-speech rally, she claimed the Israeli politician “wanted to bend [Holland] and French governmental officials over one more time in public just in case the message wasn’t received via Massod and the ‘attacks’ they orchestrated in Paris.” 

As a professor of “rhetoric and composition,” Karega reportedly discusses topics such as homosexuality, gender roles, and economic and social inequity with her students.

Several activists and professionals throughout the Jewish communities have condemned Karega’s remarks and demanded she lose her non-tenured position at Oberlin College.

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“This is the worst kind of anti-Semitic rhetoric,” said Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of the Shurat HaDin—Israel Law Center, according to FOX News. "It is not acceptable for the dean to hide behind academic freedom and claim this is freedom of speech."

“She is not a tenured professor," Darshan-Leitner continued. "She needs to be thrown off campus immediately.”

"Anti-Semitism is not free speech – it is illegitimate and must be condemned," said veteran peace activist Gershon Baskin, as reported by Haaretz.

Melissa Landa, a member of a group fighting anti-Semitic behavior at Oberlin College, wrote an email to a leading activist in academia about their attempts to document anti-Semitism experienced by current students and alumni.

“As of today, that list is 5-pages in length and includes physical intimidation, verbal harassment, and vandalism,” Landa wrote.

Oberlin College released a statement about Karega’s rights to “express [her] personal views,” although her social media posts, “do not represent the views of Oberlin College.”

Sources: The Tower, Haaretz, FOX News / Photo credit: The Tower

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