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New York Middle Schooler Told To Confess To Being An ISIS Supporter, Mom Says


School administrators in East Islip, New York, reportedly asked a seventh-grade student to confess to being a terrorist and an ISIS supporter. 

Nashawn Uppal, 12, a student at East Islip Middle School, was called into the principal's office on Jan. 7 and accused of being a terrorist, WPIX reported.

Nashawn's mother, Nubaisha Amar, said two school administrators, Principal Mark Bernard and Assistant Principal Jason Stanton, pulled her son out of class minutes before the school day ended and questioned him about his affiliations with the terrorist group.

The two men allegedly asked Nashawn to write out a confession stating he was a terrorist, that he supported ISIS, and that he planned to blow up the school.

The teen reportedly refused to write the confession because he had never said any such thing.

"He tells me to write the wrong thing when I didn't say it," Nashawn told WPIX of the conversation with the principal.

Amar, who went to the school to pick up her son at the end of the day, said she was not told about his whereabouts until two hours later.

Nashawn, who is of Middle Eastern descent, said he was questioned in response to an incident that happened the day before. On Jan. 6, bullies at the school reportedly harassed Nashawn and repeatedly asked him whether he was a terrorist and what he planned to blow up next.

"Yes, I am a terrorist and I will blow up the school fence," the exasperated teen reportedly shot back.

After Uppal refused to write the confession, police officers were called and came to the school to question the boy. Nashawn's family consented to having their home searched.

Although East Islip police told WPIX that the search turned up nothing and that the incident appeared to be a case of "boys being boys," Nashawn was still suspended for five days.

Amar said she was supposed to meet with school district officials on Jan. 11 to discuss the punishment, but had to cancel the meeting due to illness. She told WPIX that school administrators harassed her son and made up their own version of events.

"He suspend my son for what," she said. "He's supposed to go ask the kids and investigate and he didn't do his part."

District Superintendent John Dolan denies this, and insists that the student was treated fairly. The district declined to comment when asked by WPIX whether the bullies who harassed Nashawn were also disciplined.

Amar said she is considering removing her son from the school.

A total of 66 U.S. residents were arrested in ISIS-related terrorist plots over 18 months in 2014 and 2015, the Daily Mail reported in November. 

Sources: WPIX, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Screenshot via WPIX

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