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Police Chase Starts With Officers On Car (Video)

On Nov. 10, 2015, police were called to a Wal-Mart in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, because 25-year-old Laquandra D. Borden and 36-year-old Chasity S. Stokes allegedly shoplifted from several stores, but a new video (below) of their confrontation with police reveals a dramatic arrest.

Police stopped Borden at the Wal-Mart, but when she went to search for something in her Jeep, she took off with two officers hanging off the vehicle, WPDE reported. One of the officers fired a shot at Borden, injuring her, but she didn’t stop. Instead she led officers on a 10-mile chase, according to Lt. Raul Denis of the Horry County police.

The chase stopped only when an officer stood in the road with their weapon drawn, although during the course of the chase, Borden was driving on her rims and lost parts of her car.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) investigated the incident and the officer, an 8-year police veteran, was placed on administrative leave. SLED later ruled that the shot was justified. "When SLED did a complete and thorough report, we looked over it and reviewed it, and it did appear that it was reasonable,” 15th Circuit Solicitor Jimmy Richardson told WPDE in a separate story. “It basically comes down to this: Did that officer act reasonable, as a reasonably prudent person in that situation?”

Retired New Jersey police chief and member of the Coastal Carolina Shields, John Comparetto, agreed that it was a reasonable ruling. "We have to do an escalation of force," he said. "We're trained to start with the minimum amount of force and escalate it as the needs arise. You know everybody in America wants a kinder, gentler police force, and there are consequences to these actions, and here's a perfect example of the consequences."

Borden was charged with hit and run, five charges of shoplifting, criminal conspiracy, assault of a high and aggravated nature, two charges of first degree assault and battery and two property crimes.

Stokes faces criminal conspiracy charges. 

Sources: WPDE (2) / Photo credit: WPDE

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