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Dog's Collar Causes House To Explode

A dog’s collar caused a Mississippi family home to explode Feb. 10.

Luckily, neither the dog nor any of the other residents were hurt, but the blast could be heard for miles and the house is currently uninhabitable, Mad World News reports.

"I was sitting in the house, and the whole house shook," said neighbor Rodrick Clark. "I ain't never saw it before in my life. Not around here, in my life.”

It all began when the home’s residents - mother Laporsha Simmons and her three children - left for the day and locked their four dogs in the house as they usually do, reports WLOX.

"Thank God nobody was home. Homeowner said everything was normal before she left," said Gulfport Fire District Chief Mike Bond.

One of the dogs spent the afternoon roaming the house when his collar got stuck on the gas valve in the laundry room, pulling it and consequently creating gas leak.

"One of those dogs was the exact height where his collar could've gotten hooked on [the valve handle].  The dog just pulled it open a quarter of the way,” Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt said, reports the Sun Herald.

The gas entered and got trapped in a nearby vent. It turned into an explosive combination when either the furnace or water heater turned on, destroying most of the house.

While they can not move back into their home, they are grateful they are alive.

"Thank God. That's all I can say," Simmons said, holding back tears.

"It's a blessing they started school up here today, because they would have been up in there, and that would have been an awful thing. Man, I don't want to think that. I don't want to think like that, really," added Tyran Gable, Simmons’ father.

Sources: Mad World News WLOXSun Herald / Photo Credit:  Mad World News 

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