Police Hear Snoring, Find Suspect Sleeping In Dryer


Police found an Alabama drug suspect asleep in a clothes dryer March 30.

"I was trying to hide and y'all just stayed too long,'' Michael Christopher Davis, 33, told police, according to AL.com. "I fell asleep."

"He was folded up like he was in a shirt pocket,'' Brookside police Sgt. Bryan Watkins said. "You can't make this stuff up."

Local police were in the middle of month-long drug raid they named “Operation Crack Down” when they found the man in the dryer.

Almost two hours into their search, they heard a snore, which led them to the unusual hiding place.

"In Brookside, we don't set quotas,'' Brookside police Chief Jason Springfield laughingly said. "I let my guys find everyone they can in dryers."

Not all the arrests in "Operation Crack Down" have been quite as funny.

So far local police have arrested 26 people -- one of whom held an officer at gunpoint before he eventually caught and taken into custody.

"Our officers have worked hard and put in a lot of overtime this month in a concentrated effort to put a dent in the drug trade in community,'' Springfield said. "We have had some really scary times, as well as some really funny ones."

This is not the first drug-related incident that turned unusual.

Police were in the middle of a 2009 drug raid at a couple’s home in Michigan when they found crystal meth in their baby’s diaper, Mandatory repoted. Later in 2012, police found a woman trying to smuggle drugs into Spain from Panama with three pounds of cocaine stuffed inside of her breast implants.

And in England, prisoner Mohammed Jalloh managed to grow marijuana while inside jail.

Jalloh reportedly told the guards he wanted to do something gardening and planted high-grade marijuana. He told officials that they were tomato plants, and amazingly, it took authorities five months to bust him on it.

Sources: AL.comMandatory / Photo Credit: Wikimedia, Brookside Police Department via AL.com

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