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Police Find Couple And Kids Living In Shed

Police in Kentucky arrested a couple after finding them and their three children living in a shed behind a home.

Authorities arrested Gregory Wilkerson, 44, and Brandi Harmon, 25, hospitalizing the children before handing them over to Social Services, WKYT reports.

All three of the children had rashes and bed bug bites. The shed was described as unfit to live in, with a bucket containing human feces, and no running water or electricity.

Both Wilkerson and Harmon were charged with criminal abuse of a child and possession of marijuana.

Harmon’s sister, on whose property the shed is, explains they were living the shed only temporarily after moving out of her home, the Daily Mail reports.

“They decided to move to the shack 'til they get a house cause this house ain't big enough for all of us,” the sister, Mary Cox, said. “I mean they were trying to get in a house, a regular house to live in. I mean that might take some time but they were working on it."

It’s not the first time authorities have found a family living in a shed, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Charlomane and Prince Leonard had to live in a shed because they couldn't afford anything better.

When Child Protective Services learned of their situation, they took their children away.

"They didn't ask us if we needed help or anything," Charlomane said. "I really miss them. I'm used to being with them all day, every day."

According to CPS, the children were not removed because the parents were poor, but because the living situation was deemed unfit.

"You could live in a mansion and be in an unsafe living environment," CPS spokeswoman Gwen Carter said. "It's not the place as much as it was the circumstances."

While the parents agree the shed is small, they say it was far safer than the crime-ridden apartment complex they used to live in.

They add they did their best to make it a suitable place for their children, adding that none of their kids had ever gotten less than a B in school.

"That just speaks volumes about the kind of people we are," Prince, who works as a welder, said.

The couple have been saving up to rent a home.

"We were building ourselves up and trying to get out of the hole," Prince said. "That's their [children's] future we've been working hard for."

Sources: WKYT, Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle / Photo credit: Boyle County Detention Center via WDRB

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