Sex Offender Found With 5 Kids And Underwear In His Car


A registered sex offender from Tennessee was stopped by Memphis cops with five unrelated children in his vehicle on March 22.

Authorities say Jerome Sawyer, who was convicted of aggravated sexual battery, was stopped on Ridgeway Road south of Winchester Road for not wearing a seat belt, reports WMC.

Police found two boys and three girls, ranging in age from five to 11, in the vehicle. Inside, they discovered two small pairs of white and pink underwear stowed beneath the driver’s seat.

Sawyer admitted to officers that he was on the sex offender registry for attacking three children, ages six and seven, in 1987 and 1999, and that the children were not his.

He also told officers he had been at a park within Winridge Elementary.

Due to his prior sexual convictions, Sawyer is barred from being alone with minors.

Sawyer was apprehended and charged with violation of child restraint, violation of seat belt law and violation of sex offender registry act.

The underwear found in the car was taken to the Sex Crimes unit for analysis, according to WREG.

Authorities have contacted the children’s guardians and the Department of Children’s Services.

Sources: WMC, WREG / Photo credit: WREG

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