Cops Find Crack In Man's Genitals


A Florida man was pulled over and confessed to having cannabis in his car, but when cops found crack cocaine “concealed beneath his genitals,” he denied it.

According to a police report, on March 23, Largo authorities pulled over a Deondre Lumpkin, 23, for a traffic violation, The Smoking Gun. When Officer Michael Vegenski drew near the vehicle, he “detected the strong odor of burnt cannabis emanating from the vehicle.”

Lumpkin admitted to previously smoking pot and “consented to a search of his person and vehicle.”

Vegenski found an envelope containing marijuana and five cell phones in Lumpkin’s car. Lumpkin’s record shows prior weapons and narcotics arrests.

While he was being patted down, Lumpkin “would not widen his stance and was clinching his buttocks,” Vegenski noted in the report. So he was taken to police headquarters for “a more thorough search.”

Before the search at the police station took place, Lumpkin confessed “to having crack cocaine concealed beneath his genitals.” Though, he denied the crack was his despite taking responsibility for the marijuana found in his car.

Lumpkin did not state who owned the crack or how it got in his genitals. He was charged with multiple felony drug counts and released from custody on March 24 after posting his $41,150 bond.

Sources: The Smoking Gun, / Photo credit: The Smoking Gun,

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